Carpet Removal and Refinishing of the Underlying Wood Floor in Lexington & the Greater Boston, MA area

Many homes have wood floors that are covered up by carpeting. The trend of wall to wall carpeting was all the rage at one time however, what was in yesterday is out today. In addition carpeting can be a haven for dust mites and other bacteria making the air quality of a room harmful to those who suffer from allergies. We specialize in safely removing wall to wall carpeting without damage to the existing flooring, baseboards and sills? Depending upon your towns removal and trash pick up guidelines, we will cut up the carpet into easily disposable pieces or provide you with a price to take the carpet away for you. If you are considering selling your home I’m sure that your realtor will tell you to remove all wall to wall carpet and show off those wood floors. They are a definite attraction and upgrade for most new homes so be sure not to hide them!

Hardwood floors are the most appropriate type of flooring for those individuals with allergies and asthma.

Think about getting rid of that old wall-to-wall carpets and refinish your underlying wood floors. Unfortunately, vacuum cleaning is not really enough to eliminate dust mites together with mite waste. Its preferred to refrain from getting wall-to-wall carpet. Machine washable rugs over smooth hardwood floors may appear far more sanitary than wall-to-wall carpeting. And yet, wood floor refinishing products might lead to a temporary reaction to the chemicals used in the process. Check with Mark Changelian, owner of Mark’s Master Service, about the sorts of finish which are available in the market. Mark’s Master Service provides an eco-friendly water based finish, that’s devoid of toxic fumes and is also quick drying.