Linoleum & Flagstone Floor Resurfacing in MA

Clean Linoleum
From no-wax linoleum to flagstone almost any surface can be refinished. Mark’s Master Service uses a process which strips off the old finish and then reglaze the surface. Reglazing is the process of renewing the surface of your faded or aging tile floor. You can have any non-wood floor returned to its original shine. Mark’s Master Service can resurface your non-wood flooring like linoleum, tile, slate or flagstone.

Linoleum is very durable and many, well maintained floors can survive up 30 to 40 years in tough high traffic areas, like retail stores, restaurants, and kitchens. Linoleum became a favorite floor covering in day-cares, schools and hospitals because its smooth, water-resistant surface makes for easy cleaning. Linoleum is also very affordable—a sheet of linoleum costs about the same as a sheet of vinyl flooring and is a bargain compared to ceramic tile.

A growing number of interior designers see linoleum as an environmentally friendly flooring and are seeing a resurgence in popularity. “From a resource standpoint, it’s great,” says Environmental Building News editor Alex Wilson, who last year installed a linoleum floor in the kitchen and bath area at the newsletter’s offices in Brattleboro, Vermont. “It’s made from natural, largely renewable, materials, and there are no environmental toxins involved in its manufacturing or disposal.” It’s also a natural choice for vintage houses. Dean and Lauren Gallant — owners of a 93-year-old house in Belmont, Massachusetts, that This Old House renovated in 1993 — put linoleum in their laundry room, mudroom, and one of the bathrooms. “The original butler’s pantry had it, and it was still in reasonably good shape,” says Dean Gallant. Resurfacing old tile is also a fast and affordable option when updating your home for a quicker sale or for freshening up those floors before new renters move in.

Reglazing is the process of renewing the surface of faded or aging tile floor. Unfortunately, a poorly reglazed tile floor can end up looking worse. Stripping & Reglazing or your tile is best left up to skilled and qualified specialists.