Wood Floor Facelifting—Alternative to Wood Floor Sanding.

Wood Floor FaceLifting is a great way to give your floors a makeover WITHOUT the hassle of conventional hardwood floor sanding. Now this would be for any floors that are just kind of old, dull and tired. That need what I call a good drink, a good drink of urethane to make them look uniformly wet and shiny, once again. Its half the cost, half the mess and half the time, as a traditional floor sanding. A lot of floors qualify for that, people don’t know about that service. So they don’t do anything until the floors get so bad that they need a sanding. but I’m here to tell you and educate you that it can be done. Please give a call and I’ll come over and tell you honestly if its going to look good with a Floor FaceLift, I’ll go for it! If it isn’t, I’ll tell you. I will not do a FaceLift unless I know it is going to make a difference and its worth it.

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At Mark’s Master Service, owner Mark Changelian, began this process 30 years ago after seeing that there is a real need for this simple and less expensive option for homeowners. Many hardwood floors have “surface problems” and do not need to be cut or conventionally sanded. In these cases a simple solution is to “screen” the hardwood floor and then apply one coat of polyurethane to refresh the surface, which makes them come alive once again. This process is great for homeowners who plan to list their homes for sale or for the new owner of a home who wants to zip up the floors before moving in.