Eco-Friendly Staining on Refinished Wood Floors in MA

Wood floor staining can completely change the look and texture of your hardwood floors. Many colors and effects can be obtained through the use of stain. I clearly discuss with my clients what the desired end result is that they are looking for and then make suggestions of how to achieve that result. Upon request I will be happy to apply some “test” areas of color choices for the homeowner to look at and live with so that they are able to get the most accurate idea of what color they prefer. Stain application is a very tricky process and it is here where an inexperienced contractor can run into problems. Proper floor preparation is crucial when stain is going to be applied. Once my homeowner chooses the color I will apply the color in a process that will give the most even and uniform coverage possible.

As for finish, there are many options available depending upon the customers preference. My goals are always to provide options for consideration prior to beginning each job. We use a combination of alcohol based, water based (eco-friendly), water/oil emulsion and straight oil. Each option has its pros and cons and I will take the time to educate you as to those pros and cons and make my suggestions.