Wood floor sanding according to Mark’s Master Service, has to be done honestly without cutting corners.

There is wood floor sanding, and then there is WOOD FLOOR SANDING. Mistakes are not an option. When people enter a room – every part of the floor is visible – not just the center. The edges, corners, and body of your hardwood floor MUST be equally cut or it really stands out. These are areas that are often neglected by inexperienced sanders.

Anyone with a sanding machine can claim to be a wood floor sanding contractor but having the experience and expertise of knowing what needs to be done and how to do it is a completely different story. My floor sanding service begins when I come and visual assess the condition of your floors. Both the layers of finish on your hardwood floors and its topography are taken into consideration before I make my recommendation. I clearly communicate the steps that I will take to provide you with the most attractive finished product possible. Included in this information will be the number of sandings necessary as well as the numerous choices available for stain colors and finishes for the owners to consider.